Monday, January 22, 2007

Last Nights' Dinner

A combination exclusive to Casa Splatgirl:
Chicken Caesar Salad....and....


Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Homemade potstickers. It's something I get a crazy craving for once in a while, along with steamed red bean buns and scallion pancakes. But since it was late by the time I even got started cooking and I wanted to be finished before Desperate Housewives and Battlestar Galactica (is anyone else bummed they switched it to Sunday?), I had to shut away my fantasy of a home cooked dim sum bonanza and just go with the potstickers. Do I need to tell you I ate *many*?

I've found it's suprisingly hard to find a good potsticker around here. Our town has three restaurants, Chinese, Chinese and Chinese, and you'd think that at least one of them would have an angle on them but, sadly, no. I've tried them all and none were worth ordering again.

I made these using a recipe I've had for ages,but if you look around, you'll find that they are all pretty much the same (and fairly simple) as far as the ingredients go. I used wonton wrappers for this batch because it's all my local grocery store had, but I really prefer them with the round Japanese Goyza wrappers that are a little thicker and more toothsome.

As your Chinese grandmother can tell you, they are sort of labor intensive, but they're well worth it and at our house, one big batch makes enough to freeze and enjoy over the next couple of months. I serve them with seasoned rice vinegar spiked with minced fresh ginger and some thick, sweet soy sauce. Yum!

Sheesh - I'm drooling here! We're having the less labor-intensive and less-tasty store bought pot stickers for dinner tonight. (Freezer section.) But I'll simply close my eyes and imagine your lovely picture as I eat.
Sadly, I must have missed my invitation ;-(
boy that looks good. i love potstickers.

I was bummed about the SG switch only because I forgot about it! Thank goodness for itunes.
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