Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Little Sewing, a Little Rambling

So, I can't show you the finished dog sweater because I need some buttons for it and I was too lazy to go driving about in the snow today to buy some. Perhaps tomorrow.
In the mean time, here's what I whipped up today as potential donations to the GPA-MN Art and Craft sale

I lovelovelove the first one, so much so that I have to make another one asap to keep for PupCake. The second one was just for fun because I couldn't go on without buying some of the pink weiner dog fabric. I am not really a cutesy holiday theme kind of girl so it isn't really my style but I know there are lots of peeps out there who like that kind of thing. Plus it was fun to make, so there ya go.

I have several other fun new fabrics on deck for collars plus a bunch of stuff that's been sitting on my worktable waiting to get whipped up into a new warm winter coat (hound coat, that is) but I haven't been able to get motivated to really get sewing lately. And that is more than likely related to the state of insane disarray that is my studio. Imagine the detonation of a craft bomb and you'll have a pretty accurate visual. So although I have plenty of work space, most of it is non-functional at present which makes for a not so nice to be in kind of room.
Gotta do something about the organization problem in there one of these days...

What I really need to work on is making new covers for the Costco dog beds. Do you know about those? They're cheap as heck compared with the pet store ones, big enough for The Hound, nice and cedar-y smelling and with a zippered, removable cover. And while the under $20 price tag is great, the fabric styles are not and I am about at my limit for looking at beige jaquard with gold rope trim.
Maybe I shall gather for this project tomorrow...while I am out fetching buttons!

Wow those look great!
Love, love, love the collars!

Those Costco dog beds are awesome, and they're such a good price; unfortunately hunting dogs are not supposed to sleep on cedar chips 'cause it dulls their sniffers.
I love those!!!! And hmmm, Gracie needs a new collar. I'm going to need to get to the sale first!
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