Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What's For Dinner Wednesday

Grilled swordfish with lime ginger glaze, steamed rice, and szechuan green beans with bacon:

Swordfish is Boy's favorite, so of course it made him happy. I thought this recipe was just OK. Definitely quick, easy and flavorful and something I'm likely to have all the ingredients on hand for on any given day, but next time I'm going to cut down on the lime because I found it overtly lime-y. The green beans I basically made up after being inspired by those at a local bar/restaurant where they are one of the house specialties. I just threw some finely chopped bacon into a saute pan with the trimmed beans and let that go for a few minutes until the beans were bright green and the bacon was just starting to crisp. Chase that with some bottled spicy szechuan sauce and cook everything until the beans are tender and there you have it; a delicious change of pace in the veg catgeory.

In knitting news:
Have you heard that Ms. Knit-Whit and I are hosting a knit-along? Swing on over to her place and check it out, for the sake of that special pup in your life...

We're so exicted, and it looks like we've got a number of participants already!

And in health news:
Have you heard of the 100 Miles by April 1st challenge?
I'm SO in! Actually, since the arrival of the PupCake, I've been a veritable walking machine, averaging 6 or so miles a day, and a little math reveals I will likely have about 450 miles under my belt my April 1st! As I said, I have become primarily a power walker rather than a runner these last few months, but in order that there be some challenge aspect to this exercize-along, I will aim to log at least 100 of those 450 miles running...howzdat? The coolest part is that I just bought one of those Nike+iPod thingies for my Nano which makes the whole miles logging thing much, much easier.

Sweet! Thanks for the linkage! :)
Ok - but I'm knitting somebody else's dog a sweater. Mine's a moose and my dh would have a hissy if I put a sweater on him. SIL has Yorkies - that should be an easy project!
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