Friday, February 16, 2007

Chicken Parmesan ala Boy!

First you pound the chicken...

Don't forget to stir the pasta...(pssst! The real pro's do it with one hand in their pocket)

Saute the chicken...

And plate it up for the grinning, happy Girl!

Watching all of this, you would never have known that Boy is not a cook because he whipped it out just like a pro and it was really, really tasty. Miles better than any chicken parmesan I've had at a restaurant, plus, he did it all WITHOUT A RECIPE! Hurray for Boy!
I told him I would happily eat that once a week if he's cooking :)

Then, a few days late, the glorious $40 TV stand:

I love it, and M-Ah is thanking me for creating another perfect kitty hideout spot :)


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