Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Crazy or Cutting Edge?

I did mention it's not a "regular" house, right?

Without a doubt, there are a lot of people who would say (and do say) that the fact that we have motorcycles parked more or less in our living room is a little crazy. And when I tell them that having motorcycles in our living room was a big part of what went into the design of our house, I might as well be a green-skinned alien. A motorcycle loving, green skinned alien, that is.
Because you know what kind of bad people motorcycle people are, right?
And even worse, what kind of bad people motorcycle chicks are, right?
Unspeakable, really.

But it turns out we're not the only peeps who love their wheels so much they feel the need to keep them close by. Via this article in the New York Times, I bring you the European version of Casa Splatgirl:

Car Lofts
Switch to the English version and check out the details.
Alas...the penthouse is sold :)

Just think of all the time and energy we could have saved ourselves if we had been able to buy such a place instead of building one ourselves.

Cutting edge, of course! Who cares what those non-bike loving people think of us crazy motoknitters anyway.
wow, every time i see pictures of your house i am amazed, it's so freaking awesome!!!

if you ever want to host a MN knitting night at your house, i'd SO be there!!!
My husband and I talk all the time about the design of our dream house. #1 is always the kitchen. #2 is our motorcycle showroom (of course, our bikes aren't quite as pretty as your collection)--not so alien at all, you might just talk to the wrong crowd.
Not alien, I can think of no better home design.
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