Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dog Swag, Part Two

Remember the ugly dog bed? That one I both complained about and loved all in one post? The one that is cheap and nice-smelling but only comes in ugly fabrics like this?


Let's hear it for the new, improved was-ugly dog bed:

Doesn't that fabric just make you happy? I may have to go and buy some more, because it was dirt cheap and I love it. This project cost me all of about twenty five bucks, $17.99 of which went into purchasing actual, ugly bed. I'd say that's a significant improvement over the expensive yet still not so nice ones at the pet store or the ones from the frou frou dog store that cost way, way more than a dog bed should. Because that seriously eats into my handbag budget, people, and that is BAD.

PupCake seems to dig it. He was laying on his other, still ugly and yet to be hip-ly made over Costco dog bed when I finished this one and put it out for him, and he immediately got up and switched, as if to say, "tank wroo mudder. I lubs dis swank noo bed!"

P.S. If you want to recover your own Costco dog bed, you'll need a total of about three yards of 60" fabric and a long zipper, velcro or some buttons for the closure.


He totally can coordinate his collar with his bed!
I'm sitting here looking at Gracie's nasty Target dog bed and thinking it totally needs recovering. Did you use a thicker fabric on top? Or is Pupcake not a digger?

That collar set is sweet!
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