Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Food of Love

What is more fun that a big pile of cookies? I whipped these up yesterday and will deliver them to my neighbor kids today. It's a big pile of cookies because there are a lot of them.
Kids I mean.
I hope they have as much fun eating these as I did making them, and I hope their mom doesn't want to kill me for giving them so much sugar.

Unless I am to be swept away on some kind of mystery date which I am as yet unaware of, we're planning on spending the evening at home. In the name of the holiday, I'll be violating the What's For Dinner Wednesday new food rule to cook Boy his favorite things: Grilled ham and cheese sandwich (or if I decide to lose my mind, I'll batter and fry it ala Monte Christo) curly fries from the freezer (one of my only concessions to processed food, ever) and molten chocolate cakes with vanilla ice cream for dessert. He's so easy to please, which I guess is better than having some crazy gourmand that I have to spend hours and hours over a hot range to impress :)

With cosmic heart cookies from sent from me to you, Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Your cookies look awesome! Those kids are going to go nuts.
The cookies look SO good!
HaPpY ValEnTiNEs DaY!
Man, I wish I were one of the neighbor kids! And Boy has excellent taste. I, too, LOVE curly fries and grilled ham & cheese! Happy Valentine's Day!
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