Monday, February 05, 2007

New Dog Swag

In case you haven't heard, it's insanely cold outside. And it sucks. But the benefit of being a wuss and not wanting to leave the house all weekend was that I got a ton of stuff done. Just ask PupCake who was doing his best to assist me by following me around and panting for twelve hours a day. Blame that on not being able to get out for a walk for the last four days and give me back my tired, walked-out hound that sleeps all day, beforeIlosemymind. Thanks. Meanwhile, we are crossing our fingers the walkie weather will return tomorrow.

In the mean time, what I really should be doing is continuing on the house-chore theme since I am evidently on a roll but I figured I'd reward myself for being so unusually productive this weekend with a little crafty time-out.
Hot off the workshop table, behold the collar and leash set:

I am so, SO thinking this is just the cutest dog swag yet because I adore the fabric, (doesn't it remind you of maXimo?) but I also think it may be a little on the girlie side for my favorite canine boy. It seems like a summer ensemble to me, though, so I'll have plenty of time to ponder its' boy dog appropriateness while I wait for either warmer weather or a little greyhound girlie to love :)


HAHAH I have been dealing with the same doggy behavior all weekend. Slammer's been driving me CRAZY!
Sooooo cool. I LoVe it.
I saw a doggie being walked today with booties on. Casey can't stand the cold...
Swag-o-rama! Turned out great!
Well, if a Greyhound can't be metro, what breed can?
I love these!!
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