Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spring Must Be Springing

...because I just saw two ants crawling around in my house.
Now, let me give you something pretty and happy to make you feel good before you read on:

Then, there's just a few things I need to say.

I have had it up to here with ineptitude today. Does no one bother to know, understand and give a crap about how they do their job anymore? I don't care if you're making $10 an hour or $100, and for the record I've had horrible experiences with service at both ends of the salary spectrum lately. WAKE UP AND GET A CLUE, people. And yes, cashier at Michaels who can't be bothered to utter a simple thanks, despite the fact that I am polite, I smile I greet you warmly and I thank YOU, I am referring to you just as much as I am referring to the stupidly rude, ugly, fat receptionist/appointment person at my dental office. You lady, have gotten WAY more chances than you deserve . I'm done with nice and I refuse to ever thank you again for either not doing your job or making a circus of pretending to do it while you gasp for breath just sitting at your desk.

Hello Twin Citians! Is it just me or does the StarTribune seem to have become embarrassingly bad over the last couple of years? Lately, it's pretty much unreadable as far as I am concerned, and I'm pissed. Having a decent newspaper is one of the things that defines a place as civilized and "normal" for me. Hell, if we've no longer got decent copy to save our lives, we all might as well move to south Florida, home of some of the worst newspaper writing and editing on earth. Really, though, it's not like I am some sort of English major kind of critic (which I'm certain is more than evident given what goes on here at Splatgirl Creates). So I think that if I'm noticing, it's got to be pretty bad.

If I hear one more person use the word "silicon" in place of "silicone" I think I'm going to scream.

What has happened to Max Factor cosmetics? No one, and I mean NO ONE carries any of their products anymore. I did find them at, and the website still exists but they seem to have absolutely zero brick and mortar presence. Figures, since they make one product that I really, really like and that I SO don't want to have to go shopping about for a replacement brand for.

No-Knead Bread, v. 1.1 is underway, baking as I type. I upped the salt by 1/4 tsp. and used regular flour instead of bread flour. I noticed a difference as soon as I mixed it up, so I'm curious about whether or not these changes will be detectable in the finished product. I also had the sense to let it ferment someplace other than on the giant heat-sink that is my concrete countertop, so it smelled and looked quite a bit different than my last batch when I turned it out of the bowl. I'm thinking this will be for the better. Stay tuned for the post-baking follow-up and taste test. I'm looking forward to enjoying it with tonights' WFDW entree, Irish Beef Stew.
I also happened across this recipe, and since it's Chinese New Year I thought I'd give it a try for dessert. Here's hoping that a little sugar and carb will help me with a little attitude adjustment!
Check back tomorrow for the results, cooking and otherwise :)

Here's a quote (actually, two) for you relating to incompetence: "Average IQ isn't very smart, and half of the people are less than that!" Or, "If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?"
As for Max Factor, the heir, Andrew Luster, is sitting in jail, probably for the rest of his life for raping and video taping it. Speaking of less than average IQ....tape your crime!!!
I've been reading your blog for quite a while. I may be an older version of you. I'm 40 something with a hubby and 5 kids. I used to love to cook, (still do sometimes) and like contemporary stuff. I live in south central Minnesota, so it's fun hearing where you shop, etc.
Anyway, just thought I'd comment and tell you that you inspire me to cook, etc.
No Max Factor at Walgreens? I'm pretty sure I saw it there.
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