Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yes, TV Rules My World

First, let's get a few things out of the way.
#1. A -freakin-men about the Top Chef result. I mean really. If that stupid, ridiculous Marcel would have won, I would have seriously lost my mind. Mr. "I'm best at avante-garde molecular gastronomy." Meaning: "I'm an expert at passing off other peoples ideas as my own and then claiming to be the expert." Rip-off little bitch. And he's on The View as I type, thanks to Rosie dubbing him as "her favorite on the show". Puhleeze. How is that even possible? He was one of the most annoying people ever to get on TV.
#2. Did you watch Top Design? Um, hello? Could Todd Oldham be ANY worse as a host? Seriously. I had high hopes that Bravo's incarnation of the Design Star theme would be, at the very least, slightly less cheesy and more watchable, but I almost had to turn it off after two seconds of him starting to speak. It was as bad and as ill-spoken as a DubYa speech. (OK, not quite that bad, but hey, it's supposed to be entertainment.) And those teeth? Hello cosmetic dentistry? On the bright side, Jonathan Adler seems like he is going to be hilariously funny, but more of him and less of those sour bitch-tart chicks, please.

So, now that I have that off my chest I can tell you about our What's For Dinner Wednesday selection.

Fragrant Beef Curry with Rice
Simple and delicious, although I didn't really follow the recipe that closely. Because who ever heard of a curry recipe without coconut milk? Substituting ground cinnamon for stick and omitting the (weird seeming, and shockingly absent from my spice shelf anyway) whole cloves, I pulled it off without having to go to the grocery store, which is quite an accomplishment in my world. (Why I don't have clove in my pantry is another issue entirely because, hello? Molasses cookies?) Plus it was doable in one pot which suits me just fine.
I don't think I've made a curry with beef before, so that was a nice change and it was good and spicy (maybe because I added a can of extra hot Rotel instead of fresh tomatos?) which was just the ticket for a cozy winter evening.


I'm pissed that somehow Sam got the boot so that we would end up with a showdown between Mr. Weezer and Wolverine. Hello Bravo! We know what you're up to with the big dramatic showdown between rivals! Yeesh!

I still think it should have been Sam that won.
Now that looks like a cold weather meal.
I'm pretty sure Sam should have won, I also think Sam thought he should have won.
He was too much like Harold to win though, Bravo didn't want to be accused of sterotyping, you know...
Dang, that curry looks great! I'm definitely going to try that one.
I'm always on the lookout for a good curry recipe.
To answer a little of your comment on the lack of coconut milk...I would say most of the recipes I use don't have it. It might be more indicitive of a southeast Asian recipe--more Thai than Indian. For instance, my favorite AlooGobi just has a kick-ass spice blend. But there is nothing easier for a quick dinner than a can of coconut milk, a TBSP of red curry paste, a little fish sauce, and add whatever you have: veggies, shrimp, chicken...dinner fast.
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