Friday, March 23, 2007


Sorry for the absence. Between my dental adventure (which turned out to be not a big deal, and thanks everyone for the well wishes! ) the overwhelming emails in response to SC's recent exposure via the MOO blog and Whipup, and the even more overwhelming response to Modern in MN's shout out at Apartment Therapy, AT San Fran, and Curbed, plus getting out to enjoy the spring weather, it's been a little off the hook here at Casa Splatgirl. But in a good, interesting way.

First, I need to acknowledge my flaking on What's for Dinner Wednesday this week. Boy picked a lovely sounding recipe and I was all set to make it but between sort of deciding me and my dental implant weren't completely feeling the idea of having to chew a lot and my having a bunch of other stuff going on, I just couldn't pull it off this week. I opted for one of our regular old stand by's: pasta with Italian sausage and red sauce, but I did try something new I can tell you about, Barilla Plus pasta.
Now, I am not at all adverse to whole wheat pasta, but to me, it's really not the same thing as regular white pasta and that leads me to not want to use it all the time.
Enter the Barilla Plus. It's not 100% whole wheat, but it's got lots of fiber along with other good for you stuff like Omega 3's, but the best part is, you completely cannot tell the difference between it and plain old pasta. Like for reals, people. So as far as I am concerned, there's no going back. Not so good for me plain white pasta is now obsolete, and Barilla Plus is my new one and only. Hurray for being freed from pasta guilt forever.

Then, a huge thank you to everyone who has contacted me to purchase MOOPockets. I'm enjoying making them, and I've been the post office guy's favorite buddy this week. So far, I think Claire wins for the most traveled Pocket.
If your MOO cards are homeless and languishing in their functional but boring white plastic box, you'll be happy to know I do still have some MOOPockets that are looking for homes:

And if you don't have any MOO cards yet, why not?
Anyway, if you see something you like among this little army or have a specific MOOPocket design request, contact me at splatgirl at gmail dot com and I'll hook you up. And again, thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm over this crazy little thing.


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