Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dog Butts

Bringing up the rear at the greyhound walk at Lake Harriet today:

We had quite the hound train, and PupCake had a blast sniffing butts and getting to spend some time with his kin. This walk happens every Sunday at 2pm starting from near the rose garden and we have been trying to get there for months, so it was fun to finally make it happen and on a beautiful day to boot!

After a quick stop at Penzeys to replenish my spice stash, we made it home just in time to catch the season opener of MotoGP. Yay for the return of race-viewing! While we watched I cooked up a yummy dinner of roast chicken with mashed taters and brocolli:

Happy lazy Sunday!

Looks like fun & your dinner looks delicious!
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