Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hello, My Name is PupCake

I am a big, strapping 80 pound greyhound.
I have big teeth and long, powerful legs.
I am the second fastest animal on earth, right behind the Cheetah.
I can go from 0 to 45 mph in two giant strides and thanks to 3000 years of breeding, I can chase down small furry critters and show them their way home in the blink of an eye.
I was born to run.
I am an elegant and noble breed...

and I am afraid of an eight pound kitty...

...with no claws.

How dangerous and deadly the clawless kitty.
I fear her so.

And when I leave my bed to drink and stretch my legs in the middle of the night and my bed is stolen, I must whine and cry and pace around until everyone in the house is awake and one of them gets up and moves the kitty out of my bed for me.

A narrow escape from the feline monster.

But I am a big, strong greyhound.
They call me PupCake.

Love it! So, so true! We have two greyhounds, and if one of them is in the way the other will cry and cry until mom or dad come and move the one in the way. Also, vaccuum cleaners are very, very scary! And rain drops will be the down fall of the breed!
Sounds like Gracie the greyhound, who is too terrified to go outside if a kitty is standing anywhere near the back door.
This made me laugh! So familiar - our greyhound was the same way.

A picture from when she used to come to work with me:

Its a shot of the office, but there she was on her bed!
(S)he's beautiful. And SO houndy. Reminds me of song lyrics from long ago: "You ain't nuthin' but a hound dog....cryin' all the time." Love them though. World's best snugglers.
That is so cute. Its amazing how dogs are the ones that are scared of cats! eheheh
Aww Pupcake! Sounds like you need assertiveness training.

But we love your funny whimpy ways.
Just like our Jack (Lab-Rotti- 97 lbs) - terrified of his sister, Flashlight, all evil and all of 7 lbs! Gotta love a wimpy pup, huh?
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