Friday, March 09, 2007

Hijacking the Clapotis

A while ago I think I told mentioned that I had started working on a scarf-sized Clapotis for myself, and I finally busted it out last night to work in it a bit...the first knitting I have done in about forever. And today I was fortunate to score two more balls of Blippity in the red orchid colorway so I am assured having enough to be able to make it nice and long.

Anyway, PupCake, who, on any given day makes it a point to be in the same room as me 24/7, and who paces around and whines if he doesn't have a bed to lie down in our bedroom on so that he can keep his eye on me even while I am in the shower, has decided to start exercising his independence by going upstairs to sleep on his upstairs bed all by himself.
Like even if I am downstairs.
And this, from my once velcro dog.
My I-know-you're-in-the-shower-because-I-can-hear-the-water-running-but-that's
-not-good-enough-I-have-to- be-able-to-see-you dog.

Now at first, I have to admit, I was a little insulted that he'd rather be alone upstairs than hang with me, but then I decided I should celebrate the fact that he's secure and comfortable enough to know I'm not going to up and leave him for good if he can't see me every minute of every day. And I was happy that I could trust him up there unsupervised because he's never, ever done a single naughty doggie thing, like, ever. Not one.

So it was PupCake upstairs this afternoon, all by his well behaved doggie little self while I did my thing downstairs. And then Boy came home and PupCake came down to greet him and we commenced with our evening activities and then came home to veg in front of the big TV.


Where I find this:

Yes, friends, that is my clapotis-in-progress, relocated from it's home in a bag next to the sofa to a certain secure and well behaved enough to be alone dogs' bed.
The picture is a little blurry because I was in a panic while trying to snap it wondering if he had taken it upon himself to both steal and chew it.
And don't you love that look?
"whhhaat mommie?"
He came and plunked himself down after I had discovered the evidence and then seemed a little miffed when I pulled the yarn out from under his butt.

But he didn't chew it.

Good PupCake.


Good boy!
Since he couldn't see you he probably at least wanted something near him that had your scent on it.
"Idon't need you - I just need your stuff!" We have a golden retriever just like that. She'll cuddle with knitting, stuffed animals, books, plastic cups - anything when she wants to assert her independance and be away from us, but not too far away from our stuff! Pupcake looks a lot cuter though!
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