Saturday, March 03, 2007

Last Nights' Dinner

Chicken Marsala using this recipe. Mine with mushrooms, Boys without (which explains why there's such a big pile), and served over buttered egg noodles. Great, big flavor comfort food with very little effort.
I happened to have everything on hand that was needed to make this recipe, minus the fresh sage, so I substituted a little dried rosemary that I crushed up in my mortar and pestle instead and it was deee lishious.
I will say this is one of the better Chicken Marsala recipes I've tried. I have no idea how authentic it is, but what I loved about it, besides being seemingly more flavorful, was that the chicken gets dredged in flour before being sauteed and that browned, slightly crispy crust this step imparts is a nice foil to the creamy smooth sauce and juicy chicken.
If you're a saucy kind of person like I am, and you're planning on serving this dish over a starch like noodles or potatos, increase the sauce ingredient quantities by at least 50%. And if there's a mushroom hater in your family, you can easily just saute them off with the shallot as instructed and then keep them out of the sauce until you're ready to plate (then celebrate that mushroom hater=more mushrooms for you!).
With our without, I'm giving this recipe an A.

I am so making this tomorrow.
that looks yummy. and i'm so glad that i'm the only mushroom lover in my house. heh heh
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