Monday, March 19, 2007

Making MOOs

So, between the whipup post and the shout out by Denise over at the MOO blog (thanks Denise!) y'all have come out of the woodwork over the MOOPocket. I am amazed and slightly befuddled, really. And thanks to every one of you for the great feedback.
If you've made a MOOPocket, let me know. I'd love to see it!

Anyway, many of you have expressed interest in buying a MOOPocket, so sometime soon, possibly tomorrow if I survive getting this done and don't need to coax myself into a narcotic stupor whereby limiting my ability to both craft and blog, I'll have a limited number of MOOPockets for sale.

If you're interested, email me at splatgirl at gmail dot com. If you have a fabric or color preference, I'll try to accommodate that, but be quick, because like I said, this is a limited time offer and I can't go on making MOOPockets forever because it's a little...well..tedious, maybe?
But they are super freakin adorable if I do say so myself, and I want you to have one even if you don't sew. Or craft.
Or do drugs.
The price will be $10 each, shipping included unless you're out of the country. They'll all be one of a kind, lovingly handcrafted by me, and will hold 15-20 MOO cards.
I apologize that they can't be cheaper, but it takes me pretty near an hour to make each one perfect.

I'm also working on a BusinessPocket to hold standard size business cards. You can see it there in the picture. If you're interested in one of these, speak up. I'm going to make some plain and some that are a combination of MOO+business, so you can carry both kinds of cards in one tidy, cute little package.

Hello - no problem :)
Take a pic of the orders when they're done - and leave a comment on the MOO blog. I'll do a follow-up post!
I was just introduced to Moo Cards today at a seminar and I absolutely fell in love with them. Then, much to my surprise, I find out you even have little pockets for these babies!! Oh happy days! I will definitely be ordering one, have anything in polka dots?!
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Thanks for the MOO love!
I now have them available for sale at Etsy, where I'm doing my best to keep things in stock. Check back in a day or two if you don't see anything that suits you. I'll be adding stock as quickly as I can produce them.
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