Monday, March 05, 2007

Trial Size Crafting

I dare you to guess what's in here:

I'll give you a hint. It's small and cute and and it's not lipstick or gum.

Did you ever think, like, back in the 80's, when you were a Violent Femmes fan, that one of their songs would end up in a Wendy's commercial? I think it's bizarre. And kind of cool. And evidently I am not the only one wondering WTF.
I actually saw the Femmes show at First Ave. last year.

It totally could have been the 80's all over again, except everyone there was old like me...

Have you been to Target lately? I've been searching and searching for a certain dark bluish teal color of their Casual Home bath towels that I got one set of and then decided I couldn't live without another set because they perfectly match the wall color of our bathroom. This little hunt has caused me to visit nearly every Target in the Twin Cities in the last month. I haven't been able to find them (I'm now starting to think they stopped carrying that color entirely), but I did notice at one of the newly revamped SuperTarget's, that they went and got what I think are the coolest most hip shopping carts (aka, buggies, if you're from the south) ever. I didn't have my camera or I would have taken a picture of them for you, but they're all streamlined and sleek and fast looking and I couldn't wait to get in the store so I could grab one and fondle it and push it around. Boy thought I was a little whack for getting so excited about a shopping cart, oogleing them in the parking lot and all. When I ran up to one to check it out he was like "they have more of them inside, you know", but I thought they were really, really cool and it was hard for me to contain myself. And really, now that you think about it, didn't we go WAY too long without rethinking the shopping cart?

Ok, so I suppose you're wanting to know what's in the little pouch already.

YES! It's MOO cards! Meet my new MOO card holder, hot off the sewing machine. I'd tell you how I made it but it might make you cry and want to kill me, so instead I'm going to tweak it and make it super duper much better and simpler and THEN tell you how to make it. OK? In the mean time, go order some MOO's for yourself!

OK, I was going to guess it was a case for your Nano. Now I really need to get some MOO cards.

And you aren't the only one who was excited about the buggys!

...same brain...
The commercial song that makes me go WTF is for
M+Ms and uses a mid-80's TheThe song "This is the Day" which is just about the wrist slash-iest song ever.
I love the Femmes too, but I am from Milwaukee, doncha know. And old.
Tell us how you made it!

Hello, I write the Moo Blog, and I would love to blog your post, when you're done - the holder is great :)
Argh! I came across your Moo card tutorial on Whipit...and wondered what the heck are Moo cards? So, I looked it up & now my Moo cards are winging it's way across the ocean to me! Thanks! (I think). :)
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