Thursday, April 12, 2007


Hot off the sewing machine, and just listed in my Etsy shop:

The most adorable little handbag I have ever made:

Some of the new MOOPockets from my menswear line:

And the cutest dog collar yet, but unfortunately too girlie for my guy:

Go check it out for more pics, and take some of this stuff off my hands, would ya?

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Love the bag! I just received the MOOpockets, one of which is in the very same fabric as this bag. I love them! I posted about them and your etsy shop on my blog at Hope you go read it.

I think I have to order a masculine MOOpocket for my husband's MOO.
that bag is adorable...well it all is. aren't you clever!
Wow! love the bag! And I'm tempted to get that collar even though I don't have a whippet (yet)! Your products are very professional looking.
That stuff is freaking be--ooo-ti-ful!

Okay. I totally have to get my butt in gear, measure my dogs, and get some collars from you.

Love them.

Say, what measurements do you need? :) Just neck?
awesome work on the bag (and the other things too)
The fanric is gorgeous and the clip is so smart!
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