Monday, April 23, 2007

Fresher Than Fresh

...and hot off the worktable, my latest MOOPocket invention:

Yes, friends, it's a key chain! Because not carrying your handbag shouldn't mean you're without your MOO cards, I've turned the MOOPocket into a go-anywhere, can't forget it kind of accessory.

Can you tell I was worried about how I was going to carry my MOO cards on my motorcycle?
Yes, I'm a little obsessed.
No, really.

I'm about to order my second box of MOO, just as soon as I decide if I should do a variety pack or get them all the same again...

And, as usual, these latest MOOPockets are available over at my Etsy shop.

Just be careful that the pocket doesn't rub against your paint in the wind. I don't want to see scratches in your Duc!
No way. They just keep getting better and better!!
This is crazy cute. I'm going to get one.
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