Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's Mocca Madness!

A girl's gotta have a place to put all her little handbag trinkets, you know? Those kinds of things like lipstick and floss that get lost at the bottom of a big tote bag and that are too important to have to go fishing all around in there for all the time. Because I hate digging around in my handbag like some kind of crazy-haired, disorganized weirdo...even if I am.
So I decided an addition to the Mocca family was in order. A little girlie clutch to either tuck away inside the larger Mocca tote or to use on its' own when all I need is my favorite MAC lipgloss (it's called "cultured" in case you're interested), a compact and some cash:

And despite the fact that I absolutely despise working with fancies, an o-so special and girly satin lining!

But wait.
There's more.
A matching Mocca business card case*:

with a MOOPocket on the back, to keep both cards nice and cozy and in one handy home:

*business card case: not to imply that I don't think MOO cards are going to take over the world, because I do. But in the mean time...


You are getting so fancy!
I absolutely love this fabric with the red. My next bag I am going to have to do piping. Cute bag! :)
Love the bag! And I am so envious of your sewing skills, one day I want to make things like that.
So cute, also thanks for the Q&A a few posts back. It is great to learn more about you.
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