Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mail Swag Rocks!

The mail (or post, as it's called on the other side of the ocean) has been good to me lately. I've gotten the awesome and unexpected treat of MOO cards from a few of you (I include one of mine in every MOOPocket I send out) and a week or so ago I received a nice thank you letter and T-shirt from Maxwell and the gang at Apartment Therapy for my submission to their cool bathrooms roundup.

And then yesterday, this:

Which contained my special, sneak peek set of what are completely neato notecards from our pals at MOO:

As if MOO cards weren't cool enough, we needed MOO note cards too? Of course!!

And they were completely free via the special, top secret offer I was lucky enough to be invited to partake of a couple of weeks ago, because the folks at MOO are awesome (and because they know we'll blog and gossip about them, certainly...but hey, I'm all about the give and take, ya know?).

So, MOO gang:

I love them and I'm sitting here wondering who I need to send a thank you note to as I type :)


Yay! Thank yoo too :)
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