Saturday, April 07, 2007

More Fun with Fabric

Ms. Knit-Whit and I had an impromptu meet-up yesterday which of course had to include a little shopping. We both scored some of this adorable woofwoof fabric (she has the most insanely cute idea in the works for hers!) and I couldn't wait to get it home to the sewing machine to make something cute for PupCake:

I'm not sure he's feeling it. He is SUCH a Boy when it comes to try-on time. And he always seems to think the camera being aimed at him means he's in trouble.

Perhaps it's that the lime green piping violates his color sensibility?
I dunno, but being a hound dog at Casa Splatgirl makes you sooooooooo tiirrrrreed!

I also spied this super bright and colorful mod squares print that I had to buy a whole packs' worth of ugly fabric just to get, but I think it was worth it based on it's awesome MOOPocketyness alone:

And because it's impossible to make just one:

It seems the MOOPocket clip-on is more popular than the original. I've been cranking them out like crazy and getting most of them in the mail before I can even think to take a picture of them, but I am going to try to do better at this because some of them have been just too cute for words.

OMG that MOO pocket is uber-cute. The clip on was a good addition.
WHEN will my cards be here?!?!?

Mast looks so cute in his new woof-woof collar, he has such a good mommy!

Thanks for the company yesterday!
That mod square print is awesome! I wish we got stuff like that in New Zealand.
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