Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Reporting on What's For Dinner Wednesday

Bombay Sliders with Garlic Curry Sauce:

Wow, WOW, WOW. These babies are fantastic, as in ate the leftovers for breakfast this morning kind of fantastic. Really. Boy and I were both groaning with joy while we ate they were so good. File under must try, friends.
I was worried about using ground turkey because I typically don't like the dry, flavorlessness of it, but I stuck to the recipe (I used the 7% fat variety, not ground breast, although the recipe doesn't specify) and it was a major win. Calling them "sliders" is perfect, because they're cravable and addictive and there's no way you could eat just one.
It's hard to tell the size of them from the picture, but a pound of meat makes six little burgers and the recipe has them three to a serving. I put them on them on dinner rolls as the recipe suggested, and looking at the photo on epicurious just now I am reminded I forgot to put onion on them but I did do the cucumber and tomato slices. Three was almost more than I could eat, even though I kept the side dishes to one and made it a veg.
I think this would be just the most fantastic party buffet recipe. They don't need to be hot to be delicious and I love that they are like eating a burger without having it be the entire meal so you still have room for lots of other stuff, and that they're pick-up-able for one-handed, utensil-free eating.
I am going to have to play around with making them even more miniature. I'm thinking two-bite sized, which means I am going to have to figure out how to make uber-trial-sized buns.
I saw this show once on TV where they actually served bite sized cheeseburgers (and a whole boat load of other eensy weensy replicas of big foods) as appetizers and I've been wanting to do that ever since.

So, another highly successful WFDW adventure. And in the interest of exploring the undiscovered, I used this for the first time:

I've had this silicone granny fork hanging around since before Christmas but I've never used it for some reason. I got a couple of them last fall because I wanted to give one to Knit-Whit for a gift and of course I needed one too. We share this crazy gadget fetish, you see, and it's always a game to find the latest or the greatest or just something neato that neither of us has ever seen before.
I had actually been scoping out the granny fork situation for quite some time prior, oogling the antique ones on Ebay and generally keeping my eye out for just the perfect one to add to my very strictly curated gadget collection, and then one day I ran across this cartoonish red silicone one in a catalog and I knew needed to be both of ours...because, hello? Silicone?
And as a happy bonus, I think it adds the perfect textural contrast to my silicone utensil pot:

Turns out it's pretty darn handy to boot. I found it the perfect tool for tossing together a vinagary cole slaw and it came in handy again for mixing up the turkey burgers without mushing the meat all to heck. Plus it does a heck of a good job scraping down the sides of the bowl too, being silicone and all.

The silicone blending fork is available at the King Arthur Flour Bakers Catalogue website. Now that I've been there to get you the link, I see a couple of other as yet undiscovered neato silicone things I can't live without!


ohhh silicone bakewear, how i love thee. that picture of your counter is just beautiful :) i've been on a gadget hunt lately myself too, now that i finally have a kitchen of my own i want to fill it with all sorts of handy things! i love my two metal granny forks, and i can't wait to add a silicone one to the collection.

You mention you curate your gadget collection. I'd be really interested in hearing more about how you do that.

Thanks for the intro to this fork!
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