Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And Then There Was Blue

Benjamin Moore Naples Blue, to be exact.
That's right, welcome back to painting Hell at Casa Splatgirl.
And you thought I was laying on the beach someplace the last few days, didn't you?
The worst is over, but I still have the upstairs portion of the activity to complete.



now looks like this:

Sadly, I'm not crazy at all about the blue next to the red.
In fact, I'm not sure I'm crazy about the blue at all.

Bigger sigh.

You may remember I had originally bought a quart to sample on the wall.

I decided I liked it a day or two later and went and had a couple of gallons mixed. That was way back in January, and it's taken me this long to muster the psychic and physical energy (not to mention the solid weeks' worth of time) to tackle this huge job. And during that little winter-into-spring siesta, I had been gradually deciding that the blue was too dark, but then I'd reconsider and love it again, and on and on it went. But I already had the paint, and no matter how much I thought about it I couldn't come up with another viable color solution that would work with both the huge, airy living room, and the balcobrary and cozy media room upstairs, not to mention my existing color palette (which I'm loving).

And you may also recall that I originally started with a light gray on this wall, upstairs, but decided in short order that it was going to be much too blah and dull for this huge, shared wall. Fortunately, I think the blue is going to be fabulous upstairs, so I'm hoping that that gives me reason to love the whole darn acre of it...

Either way, I'm going to live with it for a while just because it's much too insane an amount of work to do over anytime soon.

And hey. Just so you know...I absolutely never, EVER want to hear about any of you complaining or procrastinating doing any painting work in your "normal" homes, because painting a "normal" house room is a cakewalk in comparison to the painting hell I have to endure just to paint a single wall and the 16 window jambs that go along with it. It's a reason to celebrate eight foot ceilings to be sure.

(edited to add that, much like the Rendezvous Bay in my kitchen, Naples Blue looks nothing like this in person. Its MUCH greener. Unfortunately, unlike the Rendezvous Bay which is nicer in reality, I think I like this color better in photographs. Again...sigh.)

Wow I love your house. and the blue is fantastic.
I also think the blue is great, but I definetly don't like it against the red at all.

How's that for two cents ya didn't ask for?
It does look great! I love to paint, but I have a "normal" house!
well i think it looks great and if i were you i wouldn't want to change it either. and if i lived in your house (which i think is fabulous by the way) i would have paid someone to paint that wall because there's no way in hell i'd get on a ladder to paint it.

and my house is subnormal. i have 7 foot high ceilings and can actually paint my walls without a ladder as long as i wear clogs.
Hmmm. Yeah, I like the blue a lot by itself, but would agree that the red and blue juxtaposed feels a little unresolved. Maybe the shades are too similar in intensity...I find myself wishing that the blue were a little lighter, either towards sky or even something sort of aquatic. OR you could cop out and paint the red wall, which appears smaller, olive green:-)

That said, ROCK ON with your own bad self for embracing a painting project of such epic proportions. Even your equipment is daunting!
I'm always facinated when people build huge things and then complain about the vastness of decorating or painting them. It's almost as though they don't see the picture until it's all done and then it's ooooh pooor me! Why is that? I live in a tiny little cottage and complain about the lack of space, and yet I chose it!? Cece
I dunno, Cece?? Maybe it's because after 800 or so trips up and down a 22 foot extension ladder, one handed, carrying a paint brush and cup, and standing up there so long that the ladder rungs make the bones in ones' feet feel like they're broken for the next three days, "people" are a little over it?

I'm always fascinated by my own and others' tendency to "do" what is easiest and least scary and then call it a choice, and amazed at what is possible when we confront those fears and make the choice to pursue and live our dreams.
wow, cool pad. looks good nice work. I didn't have time to read the entire post, but wanted to say nice pic's.

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