Thursday, May 03, 2007

I HEART my Dental Hygienist

OK, so she's not really MY dental hygienist on account of me having ghetto insurance and all, but I think her level of dedication to keeping me supplied with my preferred oral hygiene swag more than makes up for the fact that I can't have her clean my teeth.
Just check out what appeared on my doorstep today:

That's right...a multi-year supply of the elusive Crest (now Oral B) extra soft toothbrushes plus several other goodies and one of her totally superduper cute MOO cards.
You have no idea the lengths to which I have searched for these toothbrushes, so having a whole box full show up on my doorstep is the greatest thing since the invention of the Reach flosser.

My tooth friend informs me that they are the same Crest toothbrushes as before, but because Oral B bought Crest, they changed the name on them. Either way, they are nearly impossible to find, and my quest for a suitable substitute yielded only a plethora of brushes that went into the bathroom cleaning caddy after a single visit to my mouth.
So I guess I can stop obsessing about where I'm going to get my next toothbrush fix from, huh?

did you notice how the box was addressed to me AND PupCake? Just lookie what he got!!

His very own woofwoof baba!! How cool is that? I tried and tried to get him to lay down on it for the picture but we had just come inside from our run and he was more interested in laying down on the cold concrete to pant. But rest assured he'll be enjoying it to bits later on...

Thank you SO much Knit-Whit!! We (and our teefies) WUUUUUBBBS you!

Please tell us why this toothbrush is superior to all others? (Besides the awesome sherbet ice cream colors?)
Hey guinifer! Your results may vary, of course, but I love them because they are of a size and shape that seems to clean my teeth easier and better and also because they're soft enough...IMO, most toothbrushes labeled "soft" feel like brushing my teeth with a wire brush.
You're welcome! I'm glad I could meet your needs.
Cool! I, too, am a fan of extra soft toothbrushes. They ARE rather hard to find!
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