Friday, May 18, 2007

New Gadget Friday

This might just be the geekiest thing I've ever purchased:

I've never worn a heart rate monitor while I exercise, and I've never had or used any kind of GPS. And I've never had the desire to strap such a big, ugly thing to my wrist (why it doesn't come in pink or lime green I just don't understand), but I'm really excited to use this little gadget, of only because it is a means of tracking my time and pace while still being able to listen to the radio on my IPod. Plus, it has this neato feature that auto-pauses your elapsed time when you stop moving, so no more panicking to quickly pause both my Nike+IPod timer and my sports watch when PupCake decides he can't take another step without leaving some peemail. Or Poo.

Does the heart rate monitor strap thingie go above or below my boobs?

So, I guess since it's now saying "battery charge complete" I'm off for a run!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hello from Fargo - Love your blog!

The strap goes below your boobs. If you have trouble getting a HR signal, wet the plastic part of the strap and enjoy!!
WET the plastic? Yuck! That sounds so gross...sounds MOIST to me!! hahaha Cece
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