Friday, May 04, 2007

Rainy Day Crafting

OK, so it technically wasn't raining when I made this, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway because it was such a happy accident:

It's a felty, buttony, girlie-but-not-too-girlie bracelet, and I think I love it so much I am going to go make another and wear them together as wristbands. Plus, it's 100% recycled! How fun is that?
Too bad I'm a few days too late for Whiplash.

And then, my newest MOOPocket:

This latest version has a MOO card safely and soundly ensconced behind plastic on the front panel for quick and easy MOOdentification and gazing.
SO...if I was to offer these up for sale, would it be better to make it so the card is removable/changeable or leave it permanent?

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and I'm going to leave you with a little factoid...

Did you know that there at least 1,430,000 hits when one Google's "what is a MOO card?"? And did you know that besides Google, there are at least 17 search engines avaliable on the internet?

Don't you just love being able to help yourself to the answers to virtually any question, however bizarre or mundane, with just a few strokes on the keyboard?

Happy Googling :)

I know where that bracelet came from!!

I would say it would be better for the MOO card to be removable.
I was just talking about that to my friend Bill's mother this morning. She's having a Kentucky Derby party tomorrow and couldn't find her mint julep recipe. I said no problem, I'll google it, and I had a traditional recipe printed out in less than a minute. I told her I wasn't sure how she lived her life all those years without being able to find absolutely any information about anything on the internet!
Removable so I can change it. BTW I love that moo card and the moo card key chain I bought from you is perfect. Do you make doggie leashes and collars?
Dear Splatgirl,

I JUST opened my gorgeous brown box full of mini-moo card carying case glory. I am blissed out at its greatness. Clearly you are superior to the rest of us, but not in an annoying way – in a way that gives us hope that you will continue to contribute though bitchinly cool items.

Thanks a million,
Wow! Thanks Thomas! I'm so glad you love your MOOPocket!
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