Tuesday, May 01, 2007


A couple of media related thoughts:

A nice article about the Minneapolis restaurant scene in the New York Times, although I'm not sure we were ever culturally sleeping as the author implies.

Did anyone who may have been watching "The View" this morning happen to notice it conveniently (?) went off-air during their latest heated debate about the Iraq situation? I dunno about you, but I have a sinking feeling that wasn't by accident. But perhaps it was good, as today was one of the worst for me wanting to reach through the TV and strangle the Elizabeth-a-publican-bot and after that I became much more interested in pondering the validity of my theory. And I dunno what world that chick exists in, but it's certainly not reality.

Other than that, I have nothing much interesting. I've been busy getting in to the swing of Spring, enjoying the outdoors and getting going on warm weather projects in between attending to the seemingly ever present MOOPocket thing. Unfortunately all of this stuff keeps most other crafty endeavours on the back burner, to the point that my pal Knit-Whit has informed me that she's lost all her knitting friends....
oh dear.

We enjoyed hosting a couple of friends for dinner last night, and I went round two with the Hickory Grilled Rib Eye Steaks with Bacon Molasses Butter recipe, only this time I played smart and made corn muffins as a side...the better to eat the extra bacon butter with, my dear. As I predicted the first time, it's a crazy good combination. Such a great, simple recipe and a nice change of pace for steak, and I think it's safe to say it was a hit with our guests as well.

An in growing things news, have you ever seen a mother in laws' tongue (aka sansavaria) bloom?

I took this picture a few days ago, and now there's three of these shoots that have grown quite tall.
Strange and interesting.

"Elizabeth-a-publican-bot" really bugs me too. I just don't even watch the show anymore because she bugs me so much.
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