Monday, May 21, 2007

Stealing PupCakes Fun

Ok, so I decided the other day that I'm officially jealous.
It's PupCake and his getting to wear all the cuteness and superneato fabrics and me being stuck with the same old accessories season after season.
And today I decided I just couldn't take it a minute longer, so I whipped this up with the hopes of re-establishing myself as the best accessorizer in the household:

It's a reversible belt, made from one of my forty or so favorite fabrics.

I absolutely LOVE it and had I finished it earlier, I would most certainly have had to change my shirt so I could wear it right this second.
When it comes to clothing, I'm generally a solids vs. prints girl, you see, so having something patterny and delicious is my accessory nirvana. You've heard me carry on about this before, I know, but I really, really love finding another use (besides handbags) for all those awesome but not necessarily apparel-appropriate fabrics. And I love how this little treat can stand in for a more mellow, solid color belt should that better suit the outfit or occasion.

I'm going to offer these on Etsy shortly. They're 2" wide and will be available in the fabric and accent color of your choice...

I wanted to thank you for the great moo card holder tutorial you posted. My mom was really happy with her birthday present!
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