Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Crunchy Wasabi Salmon with Lime

YAY!! After quite a drought of so-so recipes, a real winner! This was so fast and easy I'm almost ashamed to be calling it cooking, and to be honest, I wasn't real excited about the recipe or the fact that the package of salmon I took out of the freezer was going to leave me with two left over servings. But now I'm celebrating those leftovers and putting this recipe in my everyday dinners file because it the whole thing was super tasty.
I made the recipe as written, including the veg which was totally awesome. Then again, I've pretty much never met a tender-crisp vegetable I didn't like but the combination of purple and green made my eyes and my mouth really really happy.
Being the saucy girl that I am, I did take the liberty of drizzling the fish with a little thick, sweet soy after plating, and I think next time I'd add a little sesame oil to the vegetable saute, but that's it. It's a pretty perfect recipe as is, but do make sure to remember the lime juice squeezed over the top of everything because it adds a much-needed spark of contrast to the slight sweetness of the wasabi pea crust and the rich salmon. And if you're a wasabi lover like me, consider upping the ante a bit and adding some extra wasabi paste in there someplace...maybe on the fillets before crusting them with the crushed peas.

So, go make this one!!

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