Tuesday, May 15, 2007

When Was the Last Time

you had a root beer float?

I just had one, and it was delicious. I tried to take a picture but it looked yucky so I just started eating instead. My favorite part is that thin layer of frozen root beer that covers the ice cream, and then at the end when it's kind of like root beer float soup with the ice cream all melty.
Y U M.

We're fortunate to have a real, honest, old fashioned drive-in close by for when I'm too lazy or incompetent to muster up a root beer float at home. It's one of the last ones around, as far as I know, and while it's no A & W, they do have darn good root beer and the onion rings are outstanding. It's just like I remember the drive-in from when I was a little kid, except without the baby, mama and papa burgers and the sign that spins around. And they serve random stuff like fried chicken and chili along with the burgers which is weird, but they still take your order though the intercom/menu on the post and bring your food out and hang the tray on your window and everything. And the waitresses sometimes wear those little change dispenser thingies which I've alway thought were neato.

But their ketchup tastes weird because it's not Heinz and that sort puts a damper on the whole meal for me.

Anyway, it's WFDW tomorrow and I have no idea what to make. I just got the new issue of Gourmet, and I have an unread, new issue of Bon Appetit sitting here so maybe I'll peruse those for inspiration.
What's everyone else (who's not going to play bingo) making?

i am so a heinz ketchup whore! i agree, it can make or break the meal.
Heinz ketchup is the best!

I have an urge to make beef goulash. It's not really the right time of year, though.
I too say there's NOTHING like Heinz. I'm originally from So. California and A & W was a favorite place to eat. And I won't say how many years ago! I remember the FROSTY MUG with the Root Beer Float...absolutley the BEST.
Oh man - I wish!! There is something in root beer that makes my tongue swell up so I'm afraid to drink it. But I sure did love root beer floats. Thanks for that memory. Is it the drive-in out in Mound? I just went there last week.
A&W root beer floats are the best. My husband and I (while dating) used to go to the drive-in theater a couple towns over and we always had floats at the A&W before hand, so very good!
That's so funny because I just bought everything for root beer floats and we had them last night! They were delightful!
Next time I come over let's go to the drive in...we'll bring our own Heinz and your pup.
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