Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Billy is Banished

I loved you Billy, I really did, but you just weren't big enough or deep enough and I got sick of moving your stuff around all the time.

No, it's not porn.

Well, maybe craft room porn.

What I'm trying to say is that I've traded Billy for Expedit and I think we're going to get along much better:

I realized the other day that I was spending an inordinate amount of time moving the stuff in my studio back and forth from one part of the room to another and that's SO not what I love doing or how I have envisioned the space to function. I had been thinking about IKEA's Expedit for quite a while, and it just so happens that the biggest 72" unit and the smaller 53" unit fit perfectly along one wall, giving me plenty of uniform, pleasing-to-the-eye storage and a landing strip/display space next to the doorway.
Notice I added some 8" legs under it all. I just couldn't bear the though of not having to vacuum under something in this house.
I'm not done organizing yet (gotta save some for my organizing friend Ms. Knit-Whit) but I'm already thinking this was the right choice.

And then, because I love this fabric way too much and I was sick of looking at all the overflow crap piled in the doorless closet in here, I whipped up a nifty little curtain for some concealment pizzaz:

You'll be pleased to know that I unloaded the entire closet for this event and managed to purge a major amount of stuff. Then I hung the curtain and since it was doing such a great job of concealing the space, I restocked with a bunch of new crap from under my worktable. But hey, I figure I only need to re-enact that process another time or two and I'll be completely purged and pristine AND have a tidy closet :)

BTW, if anyone local is interested in a couple of IKEA Billy bookcases in the long ago discontinuted silver finsh, let me know. One has frosted glass doors and the other is open. Also up for grabs pre-Craigslisting is a pretty nice drafting table with adjustable height and pitch, a frosted glass and metal computer desk from Elements and the purple velveteen Barney chair and ottoman...

I'm interested in the shelves and chair. surviving (at) gmail (dot) come
I like how you set up the shelves and the curtain! I really like the wall color as well. I need a room like that!!!
Do you still have the drafting table or has it made it onto Craiglist. I've been look, not very hard, for one!
Hi Kelly...yes, still here. Yours if you want it for whatever price you think is fair. I'm on my way out now but I can send you some pics later if you'd like.
Email me direct.
I am a tool and don't know your email address or where to find it on the blog.
I have an expedit in my studio too and I love it. It's great for storage. I love the legs on yours, great idea!
I love all the bright colors!
Hey there- LOVE your blog. I just got an Expedit bookshelf and am thinking about adding legs. Everything I've seen so far warns against it because the bottom is hollow. I was wondering how yours is holding up???
Hi Loretta
It's fine. The thick outer perimeter pieces of EXPEDIT are constructed the same way as a LACK shelf, in that there is solid blocking along the edges and in the corners. I tried to locate the legs in these spots, and while I wouldn't stuff the whole thing full of hardcover books and expect it to still be fine, I wouldn't stuff the whole thing NOT on legs full of books and expect it to be fine, either. It's IKEA, you know?

If you're really worried about it, cut a piece of 1/2 or 3/4" plywood or MDF to the size of the bottom and attach that before the legs.
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