Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bring on the Deep Fried Asparagus

I'm off to meet up with Ms. Knit-Whit and an old Moto-Knitter pal at Psycho Suzies this evening. Here's to knitting under the umbrellas on the tiki-patio, and the battered, deep fried asparagus!

Not wanting to arrive empty handed, I had to whip this up for our pal's special pup:

I think I like this fabric as much in a narrow collar as I do in a 2" I hope Ebbie likes it!

And then, I've been on a little bit of a fabric bender are a few of my recent acquisitions:

I would have three more to show you but the vendor screwed up my order and sent me something completely wrong (and ugly!) and hasn't gotten me the right stuff yet.
I'm feeling flap bags for a few of these, and the Zinnia I may use as a wall hanging if I can ever make up my mind about it.

Have a great evening everyone!

Ooooh, I would love a flap bag in the material that's shown in the far left of that pic- the one with the cool flowers..I don't suppose you'd deliver to Austria would you? C.O.D?
Oh, I guess they almost all have flowers. I mean the one with the brown (or black) background.
I don't know if you read wendyknits, but she spoke very highly of your MooPockets.
Oh where, pray tell, are those fabrics from???
OMFG! Those fabrics are FABULOUS!

Can you please tell me where you got them? I have been looking for fabric like that to make some curtains, but can't find anything like that where I live.
Great fabrics! I hope you will share where you found them.

Just re-discovered your blog again. It's lovely!
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