Friday, June 15, 2007

The Cookie Police

I don't wanna toot my own horn or anything, but I've got some mad skillz in the chocolate chip cookie department.
Anyone who has ever had one of my moist, chewy and chunkie lovelies cross their lips will tell you so. Case in point: My neighbor, the other yellow Aprilia Mille person, aka my motorcycle doppleganger, came over the other day to help out with a motorcycle maintenance project and, being the good hostess, I put one in his hand. We were all standing around chatting, when, mid-sentence, he interrupts himself to say "wow, this is a really good cookie".

Um, yea. I know, because I spent a lot of my twenties perfecting the recipe.

I always bring a batch or two to the track with us to share, because they're the perfect are-we-all-crazy-for-spending-the-day-on-ashpalt-wearing-leathers-when-it's-95 degrees-out energy boost when you can't bear the thought of getting back on the bike with a bunch of food in your stomach.
As a result, people we don't even recognize have been known to stop by our pit asking after a cookie. And, often, shortly after seeing our rig pull in to any of several road course venues in the midwest, people we do know will happen by and, instead of the the typical "hey, good to see you again" greeting I'll get "did ya bring any cookies?"

Splatgirl here, and I aim to please...

Anyway, I typically scoop these babies with a #16 ice cream scoop which makes them big enough that you're completely satisfied by the end but still small enough that it is possible to eat two if you give yourself a little time-out in between. But today, in an effort to distract myself from the insanity that is turning on the oven when it's 95 degrees (oh, yea, and have I mentioned we still are sans A/C here at Casa Splatgirl?), I decided to make minis by dosing them out with a #40 scoop.
Sweet Martha's got nothing on me...

These are getting gifted to friends this evening in celebration of their recent marriage, because they insisted "no gifts, like really", and I figure food doesn't count.

Oh yea. And I'd give you the recipe but then I'd have to kill you :)

Damn. I want one of those cookies!
People...she's not kidding.
That was cruel. All during reading your post, I was getting all excited about making the cookies. No, really. And then, at the very end, no.
Cruel...cruel. I can't make a good CCC to save myself. And those look to-die-for. Cece
Puh-leeeese will you give us the recipe? We'll give you all the props you deserve. We'll even tell people we don't know to buy your stuff on Etsy...
OMG - I can't believe that you pulled us along for the entire post and then left us with the strong desire of baking and cookies. Damn you, Splatgirl! {{shaking fists}}
I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday. I haven't devoted any time to perfect the recipe--I just follow the one on the back of the Tollhouse bag. Maybe that's why my cookies don't look nearly as delicious as yours.
These cookies look perfect...and I would know, I am a chocolate chip cookie snob.
Ok so, Do Not shoot the messenger, but since you are so apprciative of butter, I thought you might really enjoy this post:
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