Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New Food Times Three for WFDW

First, the starter salad, Raw Asparagus and Mache Salad with Pistachios and Parmesan:

Surprisingly good. Eating asparagus raw is new to me which was pretty much what made me want to try this recipe. It seemed weird cutting off and not using the tips, but it was good enough overall that I'd make it again. The pistachios were a nice complement and it's impossible to go wrong with shaved parm. Plus, what's not to love about mache, aka lambs ear lettuce?

Then, Orange Soy Glazed Baby Back Ribs and Scallion-Corn Fritters:

I've officially decided that there just isn't a good quick way to make ribs. These marinated for an hour and then baked for an hour and I found myself wishing they had had more time in the oven and then been finished on the grill. The marinade/glaze is decent, basically just equal parts soy, orange juice and brown sugar with a teaspoon of cumin but I think it would have done well with some grill action to carmelize and intensify a bit. I did end up mixing up some extra and reducing it to put over the top.
Then, the corn fritters.
I think fritters are one of those things that you have to grow up eating to really love. I just wasn't feeling them, and kept wondering what I could put on or dip them in to make them more tasty and worth eating. Maybe I'll look for a different recipe to try, because had they been good, I think it makes for a good combination with ribs.

So, aside from the salad, I wasn't impressed. Granted the recipes were fast and easy as advertised (all of them came from the little recipe book I got free in the mail for renewing my Gourmet magazine subscription), but there's much better quick stuff out there than this. So I guess I'm not going to feel too bad that none of them appear to be avalaible at, either.
I'm going to give myself points this week for trying three new recipes instead of the typical one or two, but I'm also getting demerits for not trusting my gut that these simple recipes probably wouldn't wow me like I was hoping. On the other hand, I guess it makes me appreciate those few really simple recipes that really ARE wow, right?

Did you play this week? What was on your Wednesday menu?

I didn't grow up with fritters, but I love cornbread and my southern BIL loves cornbread with honey. I'm imagining those fritters with whipped honey butter.....mmmm.
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