Monday, June 11, 2007

This is NOT a Pastel Life

Have you noticed that there's always a lot of color around here? I can't imagine life without it. Whether "it" be paint, fabric, yarn, flowers or whatever, I'm hopelessly addicted and constantly seeking my color crack. So when I disappear for days at a time, it's almost always safe to assume I've just gone on another bender :)

The acre of Naples Blue has been completed, with more pictures over at Modern in MN.
Ms. Knit-Whit joined me for a post-breakfast-at-Good Day Cafe knit and lounge and proclaimed it much better with the red in person, and I have to agree. And it's growing on me since finishing up upstairs.

And, speaking of Ms. Knit-Whit, she's just opened a fab Etsy Shop, with some of the awesomest fabric-y stuff around, like these great doggie blankies:

That's PupCake enjoying snuggling up under his in the glory of post-bath doggie dampness. (He's scared of the hairdryer and thus must always drip dry.)

And then, another new collar?

Yes! Because I finally scored some yardage of this that you'll recall I originally purchased a fat-quarter bundle just to get a single square of.

And finally, the fruits of some recent R&D on remaking one of my favorite bag designs in fabric:

Doesn't that black mod floral pattern just completely rock?! The strap has clips to allow it to be worn across the body or around the waist, and this design has been my absolute A#1 go to bag for when I need to carry a few necessities and still keep my hands free, for shopping or eating or both, for years.
I think I'm going to call this new version the State Fair bag, and they'll be available over at my Esty shop shortly.

Gorgeous bag! I'll be checking the shop, soon, since we always go to the State Fair and my fanny pack embarrasses the kids.
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