Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Weird Random Stuff

These are my new green Keens, the Malibu, and I got them for like four dollars (OK, really like $30) which is a hella deal considering they are like $130 in reality and which explains why they are kind of an obnoxious shade of kelly:

They're billed as a trail running shoe, the accuracy of which I can't speak to as of this minute but they're quite a bit more sturdy and stay-on-ish than you'd think by looking at them and their weird little MaryJane bands.
I think this latest acquisition makes for my sixth pair of Keen shoes. They look absolutely ridiculous with my capri running tights and match nothing else I own, but Keen are the best most comfortable shoes EVER so I don't care.

This is M-Ah loving yesterday's new box:

She is a box-a-holic. Anytime, anywhere, she'll challenge even the smallest possible box to a napping match. She always wins. She was sound asleep in there right before I got my camera out. And yes, that is the smallest size priority mail box.
I also always manage to get her with her tongue out, which, with any other cat, I couldn't do if I tried all day.
She's whack.

This is knitting:

Yes, that's right, actual knitting that I have actually done, as in this year. Knit-Whit will be so proud when she sees this. It's the monkey sock from Knitty, and I have only one more pattern repeat to go before I can start turning the heel, and that equals about ten times more knitting than I have done in like the last forever...

I like the colors of the yarn and the pattern. I haven't tried any socks yet but this one is definitely on my to do list, once I have learned how to knit socks.
Woo hoo to you for the fab monkey sock! And your kitty is adorable. Have you seen the cat in a box Flickr group? Hilarious.
LOVE Keens! Even if they are kelly green MaryJanes. :)
Man, you scored! I'm a Keen addict! The Sock is so beautiful too.
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