Friday, June 01, 2007

WWDW, Ladies Lunch and Weekend Dogtivities

And yes, I did mean WWFD, meaning what wasn't for dinner Wednesday.
I didn't cook. I had sushi from the grocery store cold case and a cup of deli soup.

I did, however, host a lovely girls lunch on Thursday for which I prepared one of my absolute favorite recipes EVER, Curried Turkey Salad with Cashews. Unfortunately I don't have a picture, but it's not the kind of thing that makes for fantastic food porn anyway, so you'll just have to imagine. But I BEG you to go get this recipe and try it, because you won't be disappointed, particularly if you're a curry fan, and there is not one single person that's tasted it and hasn't fallen addictively in love.

Anyway, the recipe has you just making a salad, but since I first discovered it, I've been putting it into wraps and serving it as a sandwich or just wrapping it up in leaves of Boston or leaf lettuce and eating it out of hand which is my favorite way.

Today we're off to play with PupCake and his kin at Greyfest. Enjoy the day everyone!

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