Monday, July 23, 2007

Heading Forward

Meet our new headboard, aka the closest I have ever come to having a fully furnished bedroom:

I'm really liking this. It adds quite a bit to the overall feel of the room despite the so-so appearance in pictures, and it's functional to boot which is great and I don't have to move anything to be able to vacuum under it which is even greater. My only wish is that I was showing it to you as a part of a finished room rather than lame assedness that is a lovely headboard on an ugly white-primered wall.


The bed and headboard fit into a nook for which I think design opportunities abound. So it's not so much a lack of ideas as it is my typical indecisiveness that has caused said bed/headboard cubby and room to remain dressed in ugly white primer for this long. But at least now I have a starting point and a bit of a nudge to get to work choosing a paint color for the space.

Along with the ick that is the white walls, this new acquisition has also caused me to take notice that our bed linens are looking a little tired and could use replacing. Fortunately, I've been on the verge of undertaking a first-for-me quiltmaking project...something I will get around to just as soon as I make a decision about the general direction I'd like to head with this room.

Are you sensing a theme, here?

Now head on over to Modern in MN to check out the other project I'm indecisive about :)

That headboard is pretty cool! I was wondering, could you show closer shots of it, like how the shelves are attached to the headboard, etc?

Thanks in advance,
Hello Joyce!
Each shelf is inserted into one of the slots between the horizontal slats and then held in place with a horzontal metal bracket that screws into the shelf along the back edge.
They are adjustable....sort of, meaning that they can't be moved after installation without removing the entire headboard from the wall, and they must be placed so that the attachment bracket is centered/screwed to one of the vertical slats that support the headboard and hold it together.

Hope that makes sense. I had a much clearer description typed up a few days ago and somehow it got eaten by blogger and never posted.
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