Friday, July 06, 2007

Mauled by a Fatboy

The 70's kid in me has been secretly coveting one of these ever since I first saw them several years ago, and when I happened across them for super cheap on, I just couldn't resist:

I have actually had one of these on my list of furniture wants for the media room for a while and was completely OK with paying the $229+ shipping, despite the irony of having given away or tossed at least two other beanbag chairs in my lifetime (just SO not as cool at this one). But they come in delicious colors, and I was caught up in the woe of not being able to make a decision about that and had elected to do nothing until I was sure.

As it turns out my procrastination was a win, because at $84.99 plus free shipping I ended up not having to make that decision....they were only available in black which isn't as cute as orange or red or purple or lime but works:

I've only just sat in the thing long enough to pose it for a picture and it kind of mauled me so I'm hoping it breaks in or has a learning curve or something. And, it's HUGE, which I guess is what makes it cool. Plus, it has the kind of 'sense of humor' vibe that I like to throw in here and there so I think it's a win.
Worst case it becomes a super duper awesome dog bed... if he can beat the kitties to it, that is.

I call dibs on that the next time I'm over to watch TV!
Does it collect fur! I lust after those fatboys myself. First you taunted me with cookies I couldn't eat... :) Maybe we need one too (matchy-matchy)
I ordered one (because it said 6 left)! Let me know if you ever see the fat boy marimekko on Overstock! I'll post a pict when it comes. :)
I have an orange one that I bought onsale at a local flower shop if two weeks ago if u want to trade, my black labs fur would be so much less obvious on yours.

I was thinking abiut making a lounge chair specifically for it as well, it seems like a wonderful indoor/outdoor product
Got mine! It's FAT :) Love your illegally cute Kimono too. :)
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