Friday, July 13, 2007

New Kitchen Swag

A peek at some fresh new stuff in my Etsy shop:

And there's more to come...

Happy Friday everyone!

Aprons...yes aprons! I use an apron everyday (mostly because I'm a near sighted/far sighted slob who can't cook without making a mess). Wouldn't it be so much more excellent for me to cook in a splat girl apron that is so funkalious than those incredibly ugly ones I have?

I think the orange with the dots, the blue with the dots, and the magenta with the flowers. I would ask for sushi too but I think you should save it for the younger set.
Hi Vanessa
Aprons, yes! I have been thinking about making one for myself for a while, actually, but as far as selling them, I would have to charge like $50 or $60 because of the quantity of materials and the time it would take to make something that meets my strict standards for sturdiness and detailing. So despite potential mega-cuteness, that seems like quite a lot of $$ for just an apron.
Anyway, you can always feel free to email me at splatgirl at gmail dot com if you MUST have one :)
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