Saturday, July 14, 2007

So Cute, It Should Be Illegal

One of Boy's coworkers wives just had a baby, and I, never being one to pass up an opportunity to create something trial-size, just had to whip this up for her. This fabric is just the funniest thing ever (I was laughing like a kook about it in the fabric store), and since new baby's dad happens to be a huge sushi fan, I think a baby-sized kimono is the perfect gift.

It turned out pretty darn well considering I drafted the pattern myself from scratch and was too impatient to bother making a muslin first. I started out looking for a pattern online but none of those that I found were what I wanted and it didn't seem like they were very well designed anyway so I figured I may as well take a stab at it despite the fact that I have exactly zero experience designing or patterning baby clothes. Anyway, my only misstep was having to have a do-over with the collar/edge band, but after I realized I wasn't looking for a facing piece so much as just a straight band to ease onto the neck edge, my second try worked great.

I hope she loves it. I think it's so cute I may have to make a few more to have on stand-by for other new babies and now that I have the pattern nailed down, that'll be a snap. If I can figure out how to make the pattern into something electronic and share-able, I'll put up a tutorial because it's a fun and easy project. If anyone has any ideas about how to do this, please let me know!

Note to self: MUST get some personalized labels made. I have no idea why I've spent 30 years as a sewer without some...

That is adorable!! My mother was a seamstress when we were growing up, and she made almost all of our clothes, and I remember the personalized tag sewn into everything she did!! Yes, you need to get some!! :)
Please make more and please please please sell me one! I live in Tokyo and am having a baby in Jan. and I love your little creation.
Hi Splatgirl-
I too would LOVE to buy one. My husband is Japanese and LOVES sushi. We are expecting our first child in 9 weeks and this would be so cute. If you are interested in making more and selling them please contact me.


becky @ beckyh dot com
As someone with a 5 week old- me, too, please! This is too cute! I'd buy one.

Oh! And my labelmaker prints on iron on fabric labels (so you can customize the label as you like). FYI

As the mommy of a 5 week old- I'd love one of these, too!

And some label makers (small hand held units- mine is Dymo I think) print on ironon fabric labels. Comes in handy. FYI.

Hi Deanna!
Please email me at splatgirl at gmail dot com if you'd like one.
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