Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's for Dinner Wednesday!

At long last, I'm finally on the ball enough to manage a WFDW meal:

That was a delicious pick by Boy, Thai Shrimp Curry. It took all of twenty minutes to make so I'm not even sure if I should lay claim to having really cooked but since I've been so severely lacking in the kitchen activities department lately I think I'll count it. This is a super yummy and a definite make again recipe that did not disappoint....fortunately.

Because I had it and it looked like it wanted to be eaten, I took the liberty of adding some yellow squash that I picked up at the farm stand yesterday. Other than that, I stuck to the recipe exactly. I was wishing the sauce would have been a little thicker so I think I would change the order of operations around a bit next time but aside from that one minor little complaint it's a simple and perfect weeknight recipe that definitely falls into the 'add whatever veggies you've got on hand' category. Gotta love that.
I used two giant gobs of Mae Ploy brand green curry paste so it turned out pretty spicy, but I had had the foresight earlier to throw together a quick pickled green bean and cucumber (also from my farm stand visit yesterday) salad that did a nice job of cutting the heat and clearing the palate, making every bite a whole new mouthfull of deliciousness.

Anyone else?

What a fun, creative site!
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