Thursday, July 05, 2007

Who Put Crack in the Watermelon?

I need to go to watermelon rehab, seriously.

I made my first score a couple of weeks ago and it's been down hill ever since.

Back then, the whole melon I picked up on a whim sat in my fridge for a week or so before I got around to cutting it up. Once that happened, I discovered it was really super good, and exactly what I was craving on a hot day. So, between breakfast and lunch I easily downed a quarter of it. I put another quarter cut up in a container in the fridge and wrapped the rest.
Later that evening, as we were finishing dinner I told Boy there was cut watermelon in the fridge that he needed to eat. But he didn't jump up out of his chair to get it even though I told him how outrageously good it was. And because I couldn't stop thinking about it, I got the bowl out later that night and ate everything in it, and that introductory score of a melon was gone in two days flat.
That's pretty much been the way it's gone every day since then.
It's a slippery slope, people.

I can't get my next bowl of watermelon out of my head. It's the last thing I think about before I go to sleep, and the first thing I think about when I wake up. Thoughts of watermelon follow me everywhere.
Yesterday, on our way back from the dog park:
Me: "We have to stop at the store so I can buy some more watermelon." And then, a little panicky "The store IS open, right??, because I really need to get some watermelon. OMG, I hope the store is open, because I NEED some more watermelon."

I'm polishing off a bowl full as I type and what's left from the chunk pictured above that wouldn't fit in the bowl sits on the chopping block waiting for round two. Lunchtime round two, that is, because as you can probably guess by now I had some for breakfast, as well. And that marks the official last bit of my most recent whole melon conquest. Which reminds me that I had better put the back up melon that's sitting on my counter into the fridge for later.

Yep, another sign that I'm addicted...I'm buying them in quantity now :)

So, if you're watching the "news" and you hear an unbelievable story that some person in Minnesota has succumbed to a strange and tragic disease from eating too much watermelon (like the little girl who just got her guts sucked out by a pool drain...definitely NOT funny), that was probably me.

Great summertime post!
Many years ago, when I still lived in WI...during those seemingly endless dog days of August when the dew point is off the chart and you think you'll melt right there on the sidewalk...I'd pretty much live on watermelons.
I'd get them 3 for a buck at the farmer's market (they were those round tiget melons) and just sit on the back porch of the upstairs flat I rented...just spitting the seeds over the railing and watching the heat lightning off in the distance.
Yes, watermelon is good.
I'm with you. The watermelon seems especially sweet and luscious this year. Can fruit have prime years, like wine?
Watermelon is a perfect thirst-quencher when it's hot. It's awesome when you come down with a summer bug and you don't feel up to drinking juice or eating solids.

Have you ever tried the little "pureheart" Dulcinea watermelons? They're SO good!

Ever tried a watermelon Margarita? Don't be stingy with the Cointreau.
I just heard that squeezing some lime onto watermelon is like super crack.
Oh man, you're singing my song. My fiance is just constantly amazed at the quantity of watermelon I can eat. I will bring home a melon and eat a quarter of it for every meal until it's gone. Breakfact, lunch, dinner and every snack in between.

I need another watermelon, it's been a week since we had one in the house!

I swear I could never get tired of it. My favourite food
Yes, this is definitely a prime vintage year for watermelon!

That they come seedless as the norm now probably has a lot to do with my present addiction!

Holy cow, yes, those Dulcinea personal sized watermelons are FAB. I remember eating a whole one in like five minutes flat once.

Watermelon margarita: recipe please!
Oh, darn you! Watermelon's been my #1 pregnancy craving, and now I NEED SOME. It HAS been particularly good this year.
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