Tuesday, August 14, 2007

If I Were Into Chicks

This is Allen and Scott.
They are real photographers.
As in the kind of real photographers that get paid to take important pictures for important publications.
Important publications, like say,
for instance,
The New York Times.

In case you are wondering.
Allen and Scott didn't come over today to hang out in my bathtub together and make funny gestures.
They came to my house to take pictures of my bathroom, they being photographers and all.
And my bathroom, which you may notice, is in much more of a finished state than the last time I showed it to you.
More of a finished state than it was last week at this time, actually.
There is a very important reason for this which I am getting to.

Like I was saying.

Allen and Scott happen to have come here to Casa Splatgirl today to take pictures of my bathroom, because it just so happens that a certain important publication that I happen to read every single day without fail is going to be running an article about a certain something I happen to know a bit about.

Just a little.


It just so happens that this certain important publication just happens to be the previously mentioned




That's right, friends.
Casa Splatgirls' now almost completely finished guest bath, moi, and perhaps PupCake if we get very, very lucky, are going to have our picture in the New York Times.
With an article that is at least partly about us and our IKEA locker cabinet-cum-vanity.

I hope my thighs don't look too fat.

Can you even freakin' BELIEVE it?

It's due to run September 6th.
Forgive me in advance if I talk about nothing else until then.
Because I'm pretty freakin' excited.

But I hope my thighs don't look too fat. I requested they use the Posh Spice lens, but I'm not sure they heard.

That is totally the awesomest thing ever! Congratulations! And you are going to look bee-yoo-ti-ful. Victoria Beckham has nothing on you.

p.s. this is Amy of Kevin and Amy. Ira says hi.
That's so effing cool! Right on!

Awesome! Did they find you via apartmenttherapy?
Wow! I love that the NY Times is confirming my taste in homes and blogs. Congratulations - looking forward to seeing it on September 6th!

- Jennifer
Dude! How did you hook up with that? I look forward to reading all about it on the 6th. Congrats!
Whoo Hoo!! My friend is famous! You should be very proud of yourself, I know I'm proud of you.
Way to go...I can't wait until Sept 6th!
...and I love the pic you got of the photographers, it looks like they were a hoot.
Congratulations! You have always been famous to us, you know.
Hey, congrats! What I don't understand is why they are only doing an article on your bathroom. It should be a series on your whole house!! Maybe that's next...
holy moly, and here I was cutting out my the article from the bismarck tribune and sending it to my grandma. NY Times!! Major Congrats!
That's awesome! Good for you, I can't wait to see it.
Since we're on potty talk--what toilets did you end up going with? I like the one in this bathroom.
Hello art and chel! There is only one brand of toilet in my world: Toto. As I said over at flickr, they're just the ultimate in toilet fabulosity in every possible way.
We have the Toto Nexus in all three bathrooms but had their dual flush model been available when I was sourcing I would have gone with those.
OMFG...I'm so thrilled for you and I'm so cool for knowing you...well sorta(?)!
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