Thursday, August 23, 2007

Secret Lover

There really aren't words to adequately express my love for Zappos. The place is my clandestine midnight lover.
I think they have gotten like 90% of my shoe money along with a lot of other money that should have been spent more responsibly, for like the last three years. Most recently, meaning today, this new pair of Keen's arrived to replace my almost-worn-through-the-bottoms Keen Antiguas:

What I really wanted was another pair of Antiguas, but they appear to be discontinued and they didn't have my size left in stock.
So I had to settle for these, which are the Waimea, and I don't know why I worried, because they, like the other seven pairs of Keens that I have, they are COMPLETELY awesome and instantly the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. And the best part is, I ordered them YESTERDAY AFTERNOON and they were on my doorstep by 2pm today!! That has got to be the closest one can get to instant gratification when it comes to shopping online, and as far as I am concerned, all other internet shoe places can just go right away, because Zappos carries absolutely every shoe in the world. Or almost. And short of giving away their stuff for free, they just couldn't get any better. But I am a little worried about not being able to get Keen flip flops anymore, since it looks like they're only making one or two styles now...
It looks like they're running a free overnight shipping on all their stuff right now, so I guess that explains the one day thing, but even without that special, I always get any Zappos order in like two seconds flat which is just another reason to love them.

On another note. I had to go to the DMV today to renew my drivers license (always an excellent adventure, but at least I don't have to worry about how my thighs will look in that picture), and you just would not believe the number of people (adults) there waiting to take their drivers test.
I mean RETAKE.
Which implies they all lost their licenses at some point in the probably not too distant past. But the number of people there today, and I assume, every day, for the purpose of re-acquiring a drivers license, was completely shocking. Boo for drunk drivers! The lame ass part is I see at least one blatantly drunk person on the roads around here every week. It makes me a little psycho.

Your toes look fab!
I believe Zappo's standard shipping policy is now free overnight to you. I like Zappo's because I've got big, wide feet and they actually carry wide width shoes.

Minnesota requires you to take a written test when you're transferring your license from another state. So if that's what they were waiting for (rather than the driving test), some percentage of people may have been out-of-staters. Not every DMV has the capability to give the written tests, which may explain why there were a lot of people waiting for their test at yours.

I realize this comment sounds nitpicky, which isn't my intent. I love your blogs.
Actually Elizabeth, it makes me feel better to know that maybe all those peeps weren't 'offenders' :)
And hurray for Zappos!
also, maybe some of them are getting their license for the first time. i was 38 when i finally learned how to drive. i think i was more proud of myself getting my license than i was graduating from grad school. i know, lame.

i love zappos too. cute shoes
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