Friday, August 03, 2007

Sucked in By Free Stuff

A while back I got an offer in the mail to subscribe to Everyday Food. Now, I can say that I have occasionally looked at this magazine at the store, but it's not one that I've ever bought or thought I cared to subscribe to. The photography is gorgeous, yes, but it seems like every time I've looked, the recipes seem to be for the kinds of things that are simple to the point that I would never think I need a recipe for them in the first place. Inspiration, yes, but worthy of being granted a hang-around spot in my house, no.
Really, it's not so much about paying for a magazine I don't particularly love as it is being faced with the dilemma of having to figure out what to do with them when I'm finished. For whatever reason, I have a really hard time tossing or otherwise getting rid of cooking magazines.
Anyway, this subscription offer happened to include a free gift, and that was where I got suckered and where all my resolve and discipline in the not-acquiring-stuff department went right out the window.
Meet my new, FREE apron:

It wasn't even that I needed an apron.
I have two perfectly good and functional aprons already which is about one more than I need, but this one was just so dang cute and colorful and stripey that I just couldn't resist. Plus, it totally matches my kitchen.

So, congrats to you, Everyday Food, for the great marketing. Your magazine may not rock my world, but I guess that doesn't matter when you tease me with irresistible textiles. And for the record, the apron is miles niftier than the free party food "cookbook" that I got for renewing my Bon Appetit subscription.
Good thing I adore Bon Appetit.

That IS a cute apron!
They worked their magic on me too! But I needed an apron anyway. The recipes ARE pretty basic, but I have found a few good ones that are in my rotation. I like the pictures.
Don't get me started on saving cookbook magazines....I have complete Gourmets from 1979.
Hi, my name is Annie and I've been viewing your blog for a couple of weeks now. Your posts are interesting and I like seeing all the things you create. I love knitting, although I'm not very good, and I only know the basics. I also enjoy seeing all your new house projects. Your house is a dream, and SO cool! I love it.
We used to have two greyhounds. We had to give our second one away, due to the fact that he wasn't a very good farm dog. :) We now have a jack russell and a black lab ( oh, and not to mention 11 cats! ).
Oh, I forgot to add that I really like your apron. It's totally my style.
The funniest thing about your post was when you said

"Plus, it totally matches my kitchen".

I love that!!! It is so completely something I would say that I had to comment. This, from a girl whose backpack color scheme goes with that on her hiking shoes and gortex jacket....and her chalk bag matches her rock shoes (I'm a climber). I am used to the mockery from my husband, but now I see that I am not alone! Thanks Splatgirl ;-)
i got sucked in too with that apron. and i don't even use aprons.

i do like the magazine though because although i do like to experiment in the kitchen, i don't (or didn't) know how to roast a chicken.
You should totally make aprons from your cool fabrics for your Etsy shop. Who wouldn't love a groovy & unique apron to match their own kitchen?

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