Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cuz I'm a Bloggah, Not a H8tah

First and foremost, I feel I owe y'all a huge and long overdue thanks for your kind and generous comments both pre and post NYT article thing. I think it was as much fun hearing from peeps both here and over at Modern in MN as it was anticipating and then seeing myself in print. I just cannot say enough how much joy your comments and cheers bring me. Heck, even your "shut up about the sewing stuff already and give us some cooking talk" is great if only because it makes me feel like I know you that much better :)
Really tho, it's one of the bestest things ever about the internet, that complete strangers are lurking, willing to throw out support and good cheer and honest opinion on a whim and add to that collective joy and consciousness that I believe we were intended to live our lives with but that can so easily become obscured. (On the other hand, maybe you're kind and supportive because we are complete strangers?)

Nevermind that it appears that my pal Carrie has been flaked on in yet another sockapalooza swap, I still believe that by virtue of the fact that WE BLOG or participate in the blogosphere, we are at least attempting to raise our collective awareness....consciousness...for the good. The good of what I'm not sure other than to think that if we're all getting to know each other and our diverse and diverging perspectives just a little better, absorbing understanding of each other as people and humans, the world might be better because of it.

So anyway, pardon my cosmic ramblings and thanks for helping to pump up my faith in humanity. You're all the best family a blogger could have and a much appreciated departure from my own family who lately seem to offer only hate and judgement.
And sorry about the no pictures thing. If I had any of my family I could show you what a bunch of sad, angry, emotionally underdeveloped aging adults look like but I don't think you'd need to come here to see that.

I saw the NYT article!!! It was awesome! I'm so glad you were featured! It's funny because I forgot what day it was coming out, and my stepdad pulled it out of the paper for me because he thought I'd be interested in reading about Ikea hacks! :) You probably already have a bunch of copies, but if you'd like one more, let me know and I can send it to you.

Congratulations! I'm glad your beautiful home was featured! Your photos are always an inspiration!

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