Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dog Day

Heello humanz. Mast here. Um, I meen in cayse yoos forgetted, beecuz she habs not posted about mees in a bery long time, yous know me as mast da greeyhound but sumtime my mudder cawls me PupCake, reemember?
Today was hers birstday sos my dadie gotted us all up reel erly and tooked us to da place dey call Dooo-looth. Theys sayd it is "up nort" an it was a bery long ride in da car but deys did stop a long da way an let mees sniff an pee on sum stuf.
After wees finealy gots to da up nort, wees went hikeng and to da beach and to a place wit big boats and wees ayte a hole bunch of tings enclooding a birsday cake my dadders brot all da way from home for my mommie, wit candles and ebrything. He is a bery good dadders.
But I habs a seecret. shhhhhhhhhh
Reely, da day was mostlee about mee. Dats becuz of mee bein da cutest dogie in da whole wyde world an all.

P.S. my mudder sez mees is writin on a count of my hers bein sos excyted abouts da neeuyorktymes artycle comin out to morow dat shes is unabel to contain hers self. Whadever dat means.

Pupcake, you are so gorgeous!

Way to go SG, I keep refreshing the NYT page waiting for it to turn over a new thursday leaf. So exciting!!

-- Olga
What a good doggie! Glad you had such a fabulous day of pampering on Mommy's B-day!
Pupcake - what a love you are!! Hope your Mommy had a great birthday!!
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