Friday, September 07, 2007

Doggie Day Number Two

PupCake is SO excited for the Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption annual picnic tomorrow. But what that also means that he is getting a bath tonight which is VERY un-exciting. In fact, baths just may be one of the worst things that could ever happen to a hound dog.
What I don't get is how he can be so thrilled to frolic around and lay down in the ~50 degree water of Lake Superior but yet the warm shower, massage and towel dry of bath night is absolutely awful? Evidently he didn't get the memo that the doggie spa is something to appreciate. Maybe if it included a pedicure...

Here's some swag that I whipped up as donations for the auction and raffle:

I'm sure there will be tons of other great dog-centric stuff, and rumor has it that Ms. Knit-Whit is unable to attend this time, whereby raising the odds of winning for the rest of us.

Hope to see you there!

P.S., I'll be the person with the greyhound :)

I wish I was going to get a chance at winning that stuff!!
Your pic in the Times was great!
I absolutely love the collars you sew. When we get a dog next year I will definitely try to make one.
Umm, sorry I missed it but I was out of town. How do I find the times article that you were in?? (i.e. title, search keywords) I'd love to check it out...
I big puffy heart that leash and collar with the polka dots that matches my coasters. I havent looked yet, but if you dont have them on your Etsy should put them there!!! I want them!!! ;) You make such awesome stuff! You and Carrie are my crafty idols. :)
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